SMG Watermelons

Mario stands close to a Watermelon in the Deep Dark Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Watermelons are items in Super Mario GalaxySuper Mario Galaxy 2 and Mario Sports Mix. In Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2, Watermelons only appear when the player collects 9999 Star Bits. After doing so, they will replace all Coconuts found in the game. A Watermelon also appears in the Deep Dark Galaxy inside the Watermelon Planet. Every time Mario or Luigi Ground Pounds one of the tennis balls rolling inside the planet, they will hit the Watermelon inside, causing it to grow. After doing this two more times, the Watermelon grows so big that it destroys the glass covering it and becomes a new planet. In Mario Sports Mix, Watermelons only appear in the minigame, Feed Petey. If the player shoots one into Petey Piranha's mouth, they are awarded fifty points. To pick up a Watermelon, one must simply jump up under it. Watermelons, along with other oranges and apples, are suspended in midair via ropes. 


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