Mario battling Topmaniac.
Mario going up the steps to the battle with Topmaniac.

Topmaniac is a boss in Super Mario Galaxy. He is the leader of the Spiky Topman tribe. He is fought more times than any other boss, about 4 times. This is because Prankster Comets are here in the galaxy, and force you to defeat Topmaniac. Topmaniac is fought twice in the Battlerock Galaxy and twice in the Dreadnought Galaxy. Topmaniac is a larger Topman with ten spikes on its sides and a flat red top. It attacks Mario by spinning into him with its spikes or by jumping into him. Topmaniac has two evil eyes and green arrows that point the direction of his rotation. In the Battlerock Galaxy, Topmaniac is fought for the first time in the level "Topmaniac and the Topman Tribe" at the very end on the Topman Planet. In this battle, Topmaniac must be hit three times each time getting more difficult. This same format is seen with other bosses in Super Mario Galaxy. The location of battle is on an arena with electric barriers. Mario can ram into them if pushed to the side. At the beginning of battle, Topmaniac will fall from the sky with two Micro-Topmen and will try to either spin into Mario with his spikes, or get the Micro-Topmen to ram him into a wall. To hit Topmaniac, Mario must jump on top of him, which forces it to retract its spikes and spin closer to walls. Mario must then spin into it, knocking it into the wall, which causes it to lose one life. After each time he is hit, he will go faster and faster and go for Mario instead of spinning around. On Topmaniac's last life, he calls out actual Spiky Topmen to help him. After Topmaniac is defeated, he releases a Power Star. Topmaniac is fought again when a Daredevil Comet comes, which forces Mario to defeat it with only one health. In the Dreadnought Galaxy, Topmaniac is fought again. This time, the level is called "Revenge of the Topman Tribe". Topmaniac is fought in a different location. There are electric barriers in the area Topmaniac is in, but the electric barriers are moving. In battle, Mario must repeat the process over again as he did in the previous battles, and Topmaniac still has three lives.The only difference is that he appears with actual Spiky Topman when the battle begins. Topmaniac is battled again with a Speedy Comet that forces Mario to defeat Topmaniac within a set time limit.

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