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Donkey Kong moves about in Jungle Hijinxs, the Jungle's first world, in Time Attack mode.

Time Attack, also known as Time Attack mode, is a minigame in Donkey Kong Country Returns. It is one of the three minigames in the game, the other two being Mirror Mode and the Bonus Room's minigames. The minigame can be found in the selection screen when a player clicks a level. However, to unlock a level's Time Attack, one should complete the level at least once. In this minigame, the player can earn one of the four medals by finishing the level in the fastest time possible. A level in Time Attack always starts off with Donkey Kong only, regardless if Diddy Kong was with them when they selected the level. When the Tutorial Pig finishes the countdown and waves a green flag, the level will start and the timer will begin counting down. If the Kongs reach the end of the level and jump into a Slot Machine Barrel with a checkered flag on it, then the Tutorial Pig stops the timer. The player's total time is then recorded, and a bronze, silver, gold or shiny gold medal is given to him/her, depending on how fast the player completed the level. Shiny gold medals require and even faster time than that of a gold medal, and their required time is not shown in the game. Players cannot lose lives in Time Attack mode. However, if the Kongs are defeated by enemies, obstacles or abysses, the timer does not reset. Time Attack mode does not affect the game clear percentage, so it is optional to play.