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Several Tiki Zings a temple level.

Tiki Zings are enemies in Donkey Kong Country Returns. They are common enemies in the game. Tiki Zings are wooden, circular enemies with an angry-looking face on their front side, as seen in the picture. They have seven, sharp, wooden blades attached to their exterior. These enemies can only be defeated with Rambi or a Barrel thrown at them. Otherwise, these enemies are invincible. They can be avoided, however, jumping over or ducking under them. Tiki Zings usually appear in groups and act more of a nuisance than an enemy. They usually appear in places that require timed jumps or timed Barrel Cannon firings.


  • Tiki Zings probably get their subname "Zing" from "Zinger", a bee-like enemy in the previous Donkey Kong Country games, for their serve a similar purpose of acting as hazards.