3 Star Bits.

Star Bits are collectible items in Super Mario Galaxy.

A room full of Star Bits in Kamelia's Airship during the raid on the Space Junk Galaxy.

They are the most common items in the game. Star Bits come in various colors- red, green, blue, yellow, white, and purple. They have a shine on them. Run up to them or move the Star Cursor up at them to collect them. Every 50 Star Bits Mario collects, gives him an Extra Life ( 1up ). When Mario is flying from one planet to another, Star Bits surround him. The player must touch each of them with the Star Cursor quickly, before he lands on the next planet. Star Bits are always collected even if you die. That means you don't lose Star Bits if you die. Star Bits are used to feed the Lumas. They are Lumas' favorite foods. Once Lumas have eaten a certain amount of them, they become a new planet or galaxy, leaving behind a Launch Star. Pressing the B Button while in Star Cursor mode, will shoot a Star bit. This deducts from your Star Bit collection however. Most enemies leave 3 Star Bits behind after being defeated.
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