The Smash Ball.

A Smash Ball {{{1}}} is an item in Super Smash Bros. Brawl that allows characters to use their Final Smashes. It looks like a colourful version of the smash emblem, and it was called "Smash Emblem" by fans before the official name was released. When it appears the audience will make a sound similar to that of a Ho-oh's appearance (a gasp). It moves along the stage. If left alone for a while it is easier to break and may soon go into the blast line and not return. At first Smash Balls take a few hits to destroy. You can remove the Smash Ball from an opponent by hitting the opponent. It will come out and the battle for the Smash Ball continues. CPUs attack and may also KO players and other CPUs while attacking the Smash Ball. When someone breaks a Smash Ball they become colorful and their eyes are yellow. Battles for Smash Balls are aggressive like battles for all 3 Dragoon parts since you and the CPUs try to break the Smash Ball.