Sling Pod-1-

A Sling Pod about to launch Mario.

Sling Pods are items that appear in Super Mario Galaxy. They help Mario get to areas and are first seen in the pathway to Tarantox in the Space Junk Galaxy. Sling Pods are always over a Black Hole, so if Mario misses his destination, he will fall into the Black Hole and lose a life. Sling Pods are sticky, rubbery, white balls of web on rocks. Mario and the Toads can easily get stuck in. When there are no Launch Stars or Pull Stars there are probably Sling Pods. To use a Sling Pod, Mario must jump on the web ball and get stuck in it. Then with the Star Cursor, the player must grab onto the top part and hold the button down. This will drag it to the far side of the area. After letting it go, the Sling Pod will send mario flying to the direction it was aimed.
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