Brawlemissary roturret-1-

A Roturret.


A Roturret shooting above Pit.


a Roturret when it hasn't spotted the player.

A Roturret is skull attached to an arrow and has two cannons attached to it. It is an enemy of The Subspace Emissary. Roturrets appear in Skyworld, Research Facility, The Ruins, Research Faciltity 2, The Canyon, Subspace Bomb Factory, Subspace 2, and The Ruined Zoo, The Ruins and Path to the Ruins parts of The Great Maze. It shoots three shots out of both cannons. When is spots the characters not only does it shoot but its green eyes turn red, the mouth drops open forming an angry face, and it will move itself towards the player. When hit it loses its aim and loses health also. If it is left alone it will then aim at you again and repeat the process. It has high health and must be weakened before capture even on easy. If you aim the trophy stand at it when its health is low you can capture it. If you are between the Roturret's two cannons you can't get attacked. Bowser and Donkey Kong cannot do this due to their size.
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