A Red Star.


A Red Star in the bedroom.

Red Stars are items that appear in Super Mario Galaxy. It looks like a red Grand Star. Red Stars are guarded by Red Lumas. The Red Star is first used in the Gateway Galaxy. It transforms Mario into Flying Mario. Mario can fly freely. After obtaining the Red Star, Mario's clothes change color. Instead of his red cap and blue overalls, he wears a black cap and black overalls. His shirt remains being red. When flying, Mario's hands glow, and he leaves behind red streaks as he moves. By holding the A button on the Wii Remote, Mario will stop in midair, and the red streaks will face the direction Mario is facing. You can only use the Red Star by spinning. Red Stars play a very limited role in the game. Other than allowing Mario to complete a Purple Coin challenge in the Gateway Galaxy, Red Stars can be used on the Comet Observatory. On the Comet Observatory you can use them for exploration and to find 1up Mushrooms that are otherwise inaccesible.
Flying Mario Artwork-1-

Flying Mario after he used the Red Star.

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