Mario has obtained a Red Power Star!

Red Power Stars are a red colored Power Stars similar to the Green Power Stars that appear in Super Mario Galaxy. They are not to be confused with Red Stars that change Mario into Flying Mario. In fact, Red Stars have nothing to do with the Red Power Star except to help him collect the Red Power Star. Red Power Stars appear only once in the entire game, which means there is only one Red Power Star to collect in the game. This Red Power Star is located in the Gateway Galaxy after Mario passes through the Gate in the Comet Observatory. There Mario can find Rosalina and a Red Luma. The Red Luma gives Mario a Red Star to become Flying Mario, so that he can complete the Purple Coin challenge. Mario must collect 100 Purple Coins to make a Red Power Star appear. After collecting the Red Power Star, Mario can use Red Stars in the Comet Observatory. Other than that, Red Power Stars don't have another effect.
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