Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 is the direct sequel to Rayman Raving Rabbids. It will be a Wii exclusive. It will be released in fall 2007. The first game didn't run in 16:9 and widescreen, but since the team is going to maximize on the console's capabilities, players should expect a noticeable bump in graphics.[1] The gameplay involves 60 new minigames, and there is to be a greater emphasis on simultaneous multiplayer.


The Rabbids were at their "secret" base at the mall planning a revenge on Rayman so the Rabbids learned all about how humans act so they can conquor Earth. One day, Rayman was watching the news and saw that the Rabbids are invading Earth in a flying yellow submarine and attacking everyone they see. Rayman turned off his TV and got ready for action. That night, Rayman found the Rabbid's "secret" base was guarded by two Rabbids so he got a cheap Rabbid disguise, for some strange reason the guards attacked each other, Rayman got a plunger from a Rabbid, put it in his plunger gun and went on top of the base. Rayman was watching what the Rabbids were doing from a window until a Rabbid spot Rayman and he fell into base. Rayman found himself surrounded by Rabbids with plungers, then their leader came up to Rayman and he was looking at Rayman and a Rayman Raving Rabbids cover if he's really Rayman, until Rayman did a Rabbid scream to save himself from thinking the leader that he's Rayman. All the Rabbids and Rayman went on a submarine to go to Earth.

Strangely, this game doesn't have a ending like what the first one have.


The rabbids return in this game, featuring a large variety of customization options for players to choose from. There are many that have been confirmed to be in the game thus far, sporting a costume that makes an allusion to or is a parody of a film, television show, or some other media. Some of these are:

  • Naruto Bunny
  • Darth Vader Bunny
  • Mario Bunny