MP9 Mini Ztar

This is the artwork of a Mini Ztar in Mario Party 9.

Mini Ztars are items in Mario Party 9. They are small, dark purple stars that belong to the family of Ztars. Mini Ztars are the miniature versions of Ztars. They are also the opposing counterpart of Mini Stars. Therefore, they will cause the player to lose Mini Stars if they are collected (as well as gain Mini Ztars) after coming in contact with them. They are usually found in groups on the boards and will play their effects when coming in contact with them. Mini Ztars are rarely found alone, and are usually in groups of three, five or ten. Mini Ztars can also be obtained in the "Unlucky" pipes, for they will be given out depending on the player's dice roll. Unlucky routes can also lead the player into collecting Mini Ztars. Mini Ztars do not appear in DK's Jungle Ruins, and are replaced with dark purple Bananas known as Z-Bananas (much like how Mini Stars are replaced with Bananas). Z-Bananas will cause the player to lose Bananas just like how Mini Ztars cause the player to lose Mini Stars. Z-Bananas can be found alone or in bunch. 


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