The Tankbot, Saucer and Dolphin Metamortexes.

Metamortexes are items in Kirby's Epic Yarn. They are circular balls of yarn that always have a rotating spiral outer yarn border of two colors. When touched, Metamortexes give Kirby/Prince Fluff their super transformations, which replace Copy Abilities in this game. In their super transformations, Kirby's colors will be red and yellow and Prince Fluff's colors will be blue and orange. There are also Power-Up Metamortexes. These Metamortexes only appear after the player has transformed into their super transformation and have two circular outer borders. 

Location and Super Transformation Sequence

Metamortex patch

A Metamortex patch

Super Transformation Metamortexes are almost always hidden behind a circular Patch, as shown in the picture to the left. <---. This circular patch resembles a Metamortex itself, however, it does not have the Super Transformation icon in the middle of it and also does not have two outer colors. The Metamortex behind this patch can only be revealed and used by removing the patch with the yarn whip. Power-Up Metamortexes are never revealed with a circular patch. 

Metamortexes cannot be passed, as the heroes cannot proceed without using it. The heroes will have their Metamortex form until they touch the Reel Gate, which is a long wooden pole (can be vertical or horizontal) that the heroes wrap themselves around to remove the Metamortex's yarn. The heroes cannot pass through the Reel Gate in normal form. 


Name Details Appearance Image Metamortex Image
Digger Kirby/Prince Fluff pilots a machine that can dig through cotton blocks and dirt, and destroy crystal blocks blocking the way to Star Doors or Beads. It can also cling to and move on walls or ceilings of cottion. The Digger's abilities can also defeat enemies in the way. 
Dolphin Kirby/Prince Fluff can now swim much faster than in Submarine form underwater. He also gains a powerful surge attack. With this transformation, it is possible to swim up Currents, jump out of the water, swim through hoops for Beads, and bounce balls on his nose. 
Fire Engine Kirby/Prince Fluff can put out fires and defeat fire enemies by spraying water using this transformation. They can also temporarily solidify Lava to make platforms. 
Fire Engine
Off-Roader Kirby/Prince Fluff can now move faster than in Car form. There are Power-Up Metamortexes that make the heroes go faster when driven on, and also give the ability to break through blocks. Usually while in this form, the player has to race against Truck Monsters
Rocket Kirby/Prince Fluff can fly around vertically and can destroy enemies and obstacles by shooting stars at them. 
Saucer Kirby/Prince Fluff pilots a UFO that has the ability to absorb enemies. When 3 enemies are absorbed, Kirby/Prince Fluff can blast out a powerful attack that can destroy/defeat nearly anything in its radius. 
Spin Boarder With this Metamortex, Kirby/Prince Fluff can surf or snowboard depending on whether they are moving across water or ice/snow. They can also jump. Kirby/ Prince Fluff can also grab a pair of wings (Power-Up Metamortex) that increases his height and distance in his next jump. 
Spin Boarder
Star Shooter This transformation allows Kirby/Prince Fluff to fly horizontally (the opposite of the Rocket) and shoot star projectiles sideways. 
Star Shooter
Star Shooter
Tankbot Kirby/Prince Fluff pilot an ENORMOUS robotic tank with yellow light-up eyes. This giant tank can hover a short distance and can shoot missiles. When there are 2 players, the tank gets a boxing glove, which is controlled by whoever player  did not touch the Metamortex. 
Train Kirby/Prince Fluff can travel on train tracks that lead him to new areas. The tracks are drawn by the player. There are also Power-Up Metamortexes for this transformation. 

Control Scheme

For the Off-Roader, Spin Boarder and Tankbot forms, the player who touches the Metamortex gains full control of the transformation, while the other player (if present) is granted a supporting power. For the Train form, both players take turns drawing tracks. In Digger, Dolphin, Fire Engine, Rocket, Saucer and Star Shooter form, players have independent controls, for the two transform separately. 


  • The word "Metamortex" comes from the word "metamorphosis", which refers to the fact that Kirby/Prince Fluff transform into other shapes when the Metamortexes are touched. 
  • When Kirby (and Prince Fluff) battle Mega Yin-YarnMeta Knight flies over and drops the Tankbot Metamortex. This is the only time a non Power-Up Metamortex is not revealed by removing a circular Metamortex Patch. 
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