A Launch Star.

The Launch Star is a star in Super Mario Galaxy. It is used as a catapult, that sends Mario flying through space to another planet. Launch Stars are giant, orange stars. Not all of them are available for use right away. Sometimes Mario must collect Star Chips (the pieces of star) to assemble one. Some certain objectives must be completed before one appears. When a Launch Star launches you, you are sent flying in space. By moving your Star Cursor at Star Bits, you can collect them. If Mario returns to a Launch Star he already used, his path is traced into space. After feeding a Hungry Luma, it will create a new galaxy or planet leaving behind a pink Launch Star. Only one Hungry Luma does not leave behind a Launch Star. That one is in the mission" Hurry He's Hungry" in Sea Slide Galaxy. In Mario Kart Wii's Rainbow Road, one Launch Star is used as a cannon.
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