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This is a view of the Jungle world. The DK icon is located on the world's first level, Jungle Hijinxs.

The Jungle is the first world of Donkey Kong Country Returns. It is located on Donkey Kong Island. The world is infested by many members of the Tiki Tak Tribe. The Kongs (Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong) head through this world to retrieve their stolen Banana Hoard. The world has seven levels + a boss level at the end; each level has new features and old features from previous Donkey Kong Country . Many new features include large and small strange plants that can be pounded on for a collectible, most likely, dandelions/propeller-like plants that can be blown on for a collectible, most likely, grassy turf that the Kongs can cling onto, Minecarts, Rambi the Rhinoceros and many Jungle enemies. The first level, Jungle Hijinxs, is shared with Kongo Jungle from the original Donkey Kong Country. Also, Mugly is the boss of this world.

Enemies in this World