KRtDL Invincibility Candy

This is a picture of an Invincibility Candy in a stage in Onion Ocean.

Invincibility Candies, also known as Invincibility Lollipops, are items in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. They are a type of Food, however, they do not replenish the player's health when collected. These candies are white lollipops with a red spiral on them and a small glowing aura surrounding them. When collected, Kirby (or Meta KnightKing Dedede, and Bandana Waddle Dee, whoever collects the candy) will become invincible and will now be able to move faster for a limited time. Any enemy that the player touches while invincible will either be defeated or damaged. However, the effects from this candy cannot stop Kirby from losing a life by falling out of the area or by touching instant-killing hazards. Though the effects of this candy seem incredible, the downfall about these candies is that they are incredibly rare in the game. Some candies do appear in Cookie CountryRaisin Ruins and Onion Ocean, however. 



  • Invincibility Candies are the equivalent to the Starman in the Mario series and the Rainbow Star in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. This is because all three allow the player to move fast and will defeat any enemy the player comes in contact with. The candies are also similar to the Stars in the Mario Kart series, for both allow the player to move fast and Stars will destroy or affect any obstacle they come in contact with during a race, similar to how Invincibility Candies will defeat or damage any enemy that the invincible character touches. 
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