KRtDL Prism Shield

Kirby holds a French Horn in the Item Challenge possibly, in Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

French Horns (also possibly known as Prism Shields) are items in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. They are, hence the name, gold brass French Horns that have a winged blue star in their center. They are quite rare items in the game. Though it appears that the item does nothing but shoot music notes, French Horns have a different power. When held by the player, the French Horn creates a rainbow-colored, prismatic umbrella shield over them from its bell, which protects them from enemy attacks and projectiles. The French Horn also acts as a parachute when the player is areas with Wind blowing upwards. They bring the player upwards with the rising air. When this item is held, it is not possible to float or fly, which is similar to when holding CrystalsFireworks CannonsKeysMaxim Tomato boxesFireworks Bombs and Candles. The French Horn's effect does not last forever, and expires over time. It flashes red as a warning sign that it is about to expire. When the item expires, it can be tossed away. The French Horn also appears in the Item Challenge


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