Wii Channel Wii Channel

Either this channel is present on your system by default, can be downloaded through the Wii Shop Channel, or was included in a Wii System Update.

The Forecast Channel provides weather forecasts for a wide range of cities and towns throughout the world, using WiiConnect24. You are also able to select a location which will be your "local forecast" and will appear in channel's icon on the Wii Menu.

The Channel has two main interfaces. One, a globe, gives you genneral information (current temperature, current weather, etc.) on locations from around the world, and allows for free rotation and zooming using the Wii Remote. Once you click on a location you are brought to the second interface which gives you a more detailed forecast of that specific area (such as a five day forecast and UV index where available). The weather information is provided by Weathernews.

The Forest Channel services were permanently discontinued on June 27, 2013.