KRtDL Balloon Bomb

Kirby holds a Fireworks Bomb in the Item Challenge in Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

Fireworks Bombs, also known as Balloon Bombs (according to the European website for Kirby's Return to Dream Land) are items in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. They are black bombs with many yellow stars on them, as well as a skull symbol on their front "face". They are quite common items. When these bombs are picked up, they will start to enlarge in size and power after every few seconds. The main purpose of them is to destroy large gold blocks in the way, which can only be destroyed using these bombs (they can also be destroyed by Spiked Shoes or Super Abilities, but these are not present when the bomb is found). So, with that being said, the player holding this bomb must race to these blocks before the bomb explodes. When this bomb is thrown it can deal tremendous damage to enemies and even mid-bosses, if the player can reach the mid-bosses in time before the bomb explodes. When the bomb is two sizes away from exploding by itself, the character holding will begin to panic, much like Bomb Kirby does when his bomb is ready to explode or when bombs are placed on enemies. If the bomb does happen to explode on the player, they will not take much damage as compared to enemies, and can always go back to where the bomb first spawned to get a new one. It is to note that this bomb will flash red when it is close to exploding. This bomb's explosions are made of fireworks, hence the name. The Fireworks Bomb also appears in the Item Challenge


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