KRtDL Energy Spheres

This is a picture of two Energy Spheres after a boss battle with a Sphere Doomer. This is in Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

Energy Spheres are items in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. They are golden, cog-shaped collectibles. They are one of the most common and important items in the game. They are seen falling off the Lor Starcutter during the intro cutscene of the game. The intro sequence as well as the UI proves that there are exactly 120 Energy Spheres to collect. Excluding boss stages, every stage in the game features Energy Spheres. Either three, four or five Energy Spheres will be in a stage, depending on that particular stage. After one Energy Sphere is collected, it will be replaced with a red Point Star, which is worth 10 regular yellow Point Stars. Throughout the game, Magolor will inform the player when they have collected enough Energy Spheres. Energy Spheres are in the possession of Sphere Doomers, who are found in Starry Void areas in nearly every stage. Collecting all 120 of these spheres will prompt Magolor to explain the origins of the Lor Starcutter. Speaking to him again after this will make him tell Kirby that he is an acquaintance of someone who knew Kirby very well. Energy Spheres are found in Halcandra as well. After traveling to Halcandra, Magolor says that he has lost some of his Energy Spheres before crashing onto Pop Star. As for the spheres in the Starry Void areas, they are also lost in transit during Another Dimension when travelling to Pop Star. While it is mandatory to pick up the first Energy Sphere in the game, the others are optional and can be collected or avoided to complete the level. 



Energy Spheres and Minigames
Room (Minigame) Number of Energy Spheres needed to Unlock
Ninja Dojo 15
Scope Shot 30

Trial Room 1



Trial Room 2



Trial Room 3



Trial Room 4


Sword challenge 7
Whip challenge 25
Hi-Jump challenge 35
Water challenge 70
Wing challenge 90
Item challenge


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