Duelo Candy-1-

The Duelo Candy.

The Duelo Candy is an item and Candy in Mario Party 8. It is a blue Candy with a picture of two swords (a duel symbol) on its wrapper. When the player uses it, they transform into a flaming version of themselves, along with hitting two Dice Blocks. This makes them a "Duelo" Character with the burning desire to duel a friend. If they get to an friend's space, they must stop there and duel with him/her. The loser will give Coins or Stars to the winner, via the dart wheel. Duelo Candy cannot be found in Koopa's Tycoon Town, due to the unorthodox format of collecting Stars on that board. A Duelo Candy is also awarded to the last-place player during the Chump Charity event, except in Koopa's Tycoon Town, where they will instead receive thirty Coins.
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