Take a look at the damage percentage.

Damage or damage percentage is a percentage of damage taken from an attack. It is only available in the Smash Bros. games. The percentage goes all the way to 999% damage. The higher the number the easier is is to KO and attacks have more knockback. It is nearly impossible to reach 999% damage without getting Koed unless you go in Stage Builder and build a stage shaped as a box with an opening. To build these stages on the top must have falling blocks. When your damage percentage reaches over 200% damage you will be sent flying. If the stage has no opening you will be bouncing everywhere as if you were a bouncy ball! Take a look at the picture. Mario has 74% damage. He is the easiest to KO since he has the highest damage percentage. If you have used a Metal Box and your damage percentage is high ( let's 150% and over) attacks can't send you far as you may be able to recover. Also some stickers (the flinch resistance ones) such as The Boss (161 flinch resistance) and Mother Brain (somewhere in the 140s flinch resistance). If you apply these stickers you can't be sent far if your damage percentage is 140%. Damage is something you must beware of. Some attacks are have a high damage percentage once the attack is finished such as Tabuu's Off Waves or Weezing's Poison Gas (Melee only). Once your damage is high try avoiding getting hit. Handicap is a rule that allows you to increase your own damage percentage. In Brawl it only exceeds to 300% damage. Of course, you will still be sent flying.

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