The Coin, also known as the Yellow Coin, is a collectible and item in every Mario game.
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A Coin in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

More than 100 coins can be found in a level. Coins are important items in every Mario game. When you collect 100 coins, that's an instant 1up. Well, not in Super Mario Sunshine, which gave you a Shine Sprite instead. Coins can be found everywhere possible, down in Warp Pipes, in the air, in the sky, from defeated enemies, availabe with the use of a P-Switch and more. When you touch a P-Switch, you can collect the once, invisible coins. They're many types of coins- Star Coins, Silver Coins, Red Coins, Blue Coins, Dash Coins and regular coins. In Super Mario Sunshine, Blue Coins could be used to trade in for a Shine Sprite. They are found in difficult places. Silver Coins usually appear when you touched a P-Switch. They are silver coins, as the name suggests. Red Coins are red coins that give you a prize if you collect all. In Super Mario Sunshine, Red Coins give you a Shine Sprite. In New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Red Coins give you a Mushroom if you are Mini Mario or small Mario. If you are Super Mario they give you a Fire Flower. If you have a Power Suit on such as Penguin Suit, Propeller Suit, Fire Mario or Ice Mario they give you a 1up Mushroom. Star Coins probably replace Blue Coins. In New Super Mario Bros Wii, Star Coins take skill, moves and even Power Ups to collect. In Super Mario Sunshine, you had to do the same to collect Blue Coins. By touching the Flagpole, you can save a collected Star Coin. Dash Coins are coins that appear as transparent circles in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. When Mario goes through them, however, they turn into regular Coins.
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