A Burn Bit.

A Burn Bit is an enemy in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are the fire (lava) counterparts of Brrr Bits. Burn Bits seem to resemble Podoboos. Although they are lava enemies, they are leaded by Baron Brrr, like Brrr Bits. Burn Bits also look like a red Baron Brrr. To defeat a Burn Bit, you must perform a Spin to put out the flame surrounding it. It will fall to the ground stunned, like other enemies do. If you do not Spin again, it will hop around, and eventually jump back into the lava. It will regenerate its flame. You can also shoot Star Bits at it with the Star Cursor to stun a Burn Bit. In Super Mario Galaxy 2's game guide, Burn Bits are called "Li'l Cinders". If Mario rolls a snowball into a Burn Bit, it is defeated instantly.
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