A Barrel in Donkey Kong Country Returns.

The Barrel in Super Smash Bros. Brawl either contains items or explodes when hit. It also rolls down slopes. Barrels break i
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Barrels in SSBB.

f touched when rolling down slopes. They do not break easily however. A ground pound such as Yoshi Bomb or Bowser Bomb will not break it but send it upwards and fall back rolling. Barrel types change between stages. Barrels can be picked up and thrown at opponents for high knockback, usually KOing if it hits. Barrels reappear in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, where they can be picked up and thrown by shaking the Wii Remote and holding the 1 button (to pick it up) and releasing the 1 button (to throw it after it has been picked up). They defeat any enemies in their path when rolling after they have been thrown, however, they can be destroyed by Spiked Balls. Many Barrels appear in World 2. In World 2-2, they play a major role as the way to defeat the many Spiked Ball-throwing Spikes in the level. Barrels can also harm the player if it collides into him. Barrels reappear in Donkey Kong Country Returns. They can be picked up and thrown to defeat enemies, and even open Treasure Chests. Barrels also appeared in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (a game for Wii) where they are used to transport Donkey Kong to different kingdoms. Barrels acted as worlds on the world map. There were four Barrels each linking to different kingdoms. Each Barrel had a letter in front spelling out each of the game's initials. The D Barrel linked to the Banana Kingdom, Orange Kindom, Watermelon Kingdom and Apple Kingdom. The K Barrel linked to the Strawberry Kingdom, Pineapple Kingdom, Lemon Kingdom and Grape Kingdom. The J Barrel linked to the Cherry Kingdom, Peach Kingdom, Melon Kingdom, and Durian Kingdom. Last but not least, the B Barrel linked to the Pear Kingdom, Lychee Kingdom, Chili Pepper Kingdom and Star Fruit Kingdom.


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