Assist Trophies are items from Super Smash Bros. Brawl that will summon characters to attack the player's opponent.

List of Assist Characters

Default Assist Characters

Name Description
Andross Star Fox Emblem Andross, the main villain from the Star Fox series (his appearance based off his original depiction) appears from the Assist Trophy, and, floating in the background of a stage, will inhale and spit forth a flurry of harmful polygons that damage characters. This is based on his main attack in the original Star Fox.
Devil Super Smash Bros. Emblem
(Demon in Europe)
The devil is from Devil World, a game unreleased in America. When released from the Assist Trophy, he moves the stage outside the screen. The players will only be able to move within the visible screen and will lose a life if they go off the screen at any point.
Dr. Wright Super Smash Bros. Emblem Dr. Wright from Sim City appears and attacks opponents by building large skyscrapers beneath them, sending them flying upwards. The attack is executed right in front of Dr. Wright and the vertical range is very high, so fighters should run away immediately after he is released.
Excitebike Super Smash Bros. Emblem A group of Excitebikers, appearing in their original 8-Bit form, drive across the stage, dragging players along with them, eventually driving off screen with the players caught.
Assist Trophy 4
Hammer Bro. Mario Bros. Emblem A Hammer Bro. appears on the stage and throws a hammer at opponents. It can jump up and throw them in midair and it can also throw hammers while on the ground.
Helirin Super Smash Bros. Emblem The Helirin from Kuru Kuru Kururin appears as a stage obstacle, rather than an actual assist player. It acts as an additional platform, rotating on its axis and moving, sometimes getting in the way when trying to recover.
Jeff Earthbound Emblem Puts five rockets on the ground, which shoot into the air and then crash down on enemies. There is one big rocket.
Jill & Drill Dozer Super Smash Bros. Emblem Jill from Drill Dozer charges at opponents in her driller.
Kat & Ana Wario Emblem Kat & Ana swiftly move across the stage together, slicing any players in their way.
Vulcan Jab
Knuckle Joe Kirby Emblem Knuckle Joe from the Kirby series, will use the Vulcan Jab on all other players, and then finish off with either Smash Punch, or Rising Break.
Lakitu Mario Bros. Emblem Lakitu, appearing in his 8-Bit Super Mario Bros. form, tosses Spinies, who are also in 8-Bit form, onto the ground, which damage players on contact.
Little Mac
Little Mac Super Smash Bros. Emblem Coming from the game Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!, when Little Mac appears, he will continue to punch the opposing player closest to him. He then finishes with a powerful uppercut move.
Lyn Fire Emblem Emblem Lyn enters from Fire Emblem (GBA), the very first Fire Emblem released worldwide. When released, she charges her sword, then disappears, and reappears near an opposing player, slashing them at alarming speeds. Could be considered as a faster version of Samurai Goroh.
Metroid Metroid Emblem A Metroid from the series of the same name will latch onto the nearest opponent, and suck their health away, similar to what they do in the Metroid games.
Mr. Resetti Animal Crossing Emblem Mr. Resetti is a character from the Animal Crossing series. When he is released, he simply stands in one spot, and lectures the players through a speech bubble. Attacking him as he does this will occasionally make him mad and cause an explosion.
Nintendogs Super Smash Bros. Emblem A Nintendog from the game Nintendogs briefly appears on the battleground before blocking the players' views by covering the whole screen causing great distraction.
Saki Amamiya Super Smash Bros. Emblem Saki Amamiya from Sin and Punishment: Successor to the Earth, will appear, and use his Cannon Sword to shoot and slash his opponents. He can jump and shoot as well, and acts as very hard to avoid.
Samurai Goroh F-Zero Emblem Samurai Goroh from the F-Zero series appears and slashes away at the fighters with his katana. This is only limited to a horizontal direction, so fighters should jump on a high platform to avoid him.
Stafy Super Smash Bros. Emblem Stafy, from the Japan-only Densetsu no Stafy series, appears as a vulnerable Assist Trophy. Stafy will perform his spin attack on an opponent if he has the chance. However, fighters can easily attack him and send him flying.
Tingle Legend of Zelda Emblem Tingle simply calls up random effects, such as a barrage of flowers that appear on the stage. These can be helpful (like a rain of hammers) or a hindrance (like a tight close-up of one of the players).
Waluigi Mario Bros. Emblem Waluigi chases after a selected foe, kicks him/her into the ground and finally, he does one final power kick, or hits the player with his racket.

Unlockable Assist Characters

Spoiler Warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.
Name Description
Custom Robo Super Smash Bros. Emblem Custom Robo, better known as Ray Mk III, comes from the game Custom Robo Arena. Being a toy, it is a very small Assist Character, but it makes the most of its speed by flying around the stage at fast speeds. It fires bullets from its left gun, and drops bombs from its right hand, as a means of attack. To unlock it, the player must play 100 matches in Vs. Mode or any related mode.
Isaac Super Smash Bros. Emblem Isaac from Golden Sun uses "Psynergy Move", creating a large hand that pushes enemies away, or off the stage entirely. To unlock him, the player must play 200 matches in Vs. Mode or any related mode.
Infantry and Tanks Super Smash Bros. Emblem A group of 2D sprites from the Advance Wars series will appear in the scenery to attack the rival. To unlock them, the player must play 300 matches in Vs. Mode or any related mode.
Barbara Super Smash Bros. Emblem Barbara enters from the Japan-Only game, Daigassou! Band Brothers. When released, she plays her guitar, sending a powerful field of music around her, which damages opposing players caught in it. The final note does the most damage. To unlock her, the player must collect 25 hidden songs.
Gray Fox Metal Gear Emblem Gray Fox, from the Metal Gear series, slices his opponents with his sword, causing heavy damage. He also deflects projectiles. To unlock him, the player must unlock Snake.
Shadow the Hedgehog
Shadow the Hedgehog Sonic Emblem Shadow, from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, appears as a Assist Trophy. Shadow uses Chaos Control to slow down all opposing fighters. To unlock him, the player must unlock Sonic.
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