A ? Switch as it appears in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

? Switches are items that appear in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. These items are orange switches with a white question mark on them. They are one of the three switches found in the game; the others being the ! Switch and the P-Switch. They are quite common items, for they appear a whole lot more than ! Switches. When the switch is stomped on, it will cause a mysterious event, such as adding in moving platforms, making a platform move, turning on a light, making water appear, etc. However, depending on the switch, the event can be temporary or permanent. If it is temporary, the same music that plays when a P-Switch is stomped on is heard, and the player must rush to get past the event's area before it is gone, or he will have to hit the switch and repeat the process all over again. If the event is permanent, no music is heard, however, the player will still be able to notice the event occuring. Permanent events are rarer than temporary events. However, the ? Switch is an item since it helps the player progress through the level. If a ? Switch is not hit, then the level cannot be completed/ or the way to a secret exit is unaccessible.
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